Soft chocolate or vanilla cakes, tiramisu, delicious roll cakes to share with friends, cookies that go perfectly with coffee or hot chocolate. Accasa desserts: they're all yours to discover and enjoy!

Delicate desserts


Delicious snacks


Your taste of home


    Accasa cakes are soft, delicate and carefully baked. They are perfect for meals with friends and family, everybody will savor them.
  • Ten delicious snacks

    For those who love to have a delicate cookie with their coffee or simply wish to revive the taste of childhood with a glass of milk and some cookies, Accasa snacks are just perfect!
  • Original packaging

    The Accasa cakes packaging is specially designed to allow easy transportation without any damage. The plastic boxes can be stacked for space saving. You can take the cake with you to a friend's house without any worries, the plastic package keeps the cake undamaged.
Tiramisu 300G